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City Glass Specialty, Inc. has operated as an experienced glazing contractor since 1944. We have tailored to the needs of both the commercial industry and also the residential sector.

Our unique art glass studio is a multi-faceted exhibition featuring commissioned work as well as restoration in stained/leaded glass, engraved glass, molded glass, beveled glass, etched glass, faceted glass and mosaics. All these various forms of art glass have been commissioned and installed in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico and Japan. Not only has the art glass been used to illuminate window openings, but it has also been utilized for shower doors, stairways, room dividers, cabinet doors, wall hangings and ornamental accents.





City Glass Specialty, Inc., established in 1944, is a diversified business designed to meet the on-going concerns of the glass industry without sacrificing the personal needs of its customers.

City Glass was originally designed to be a stained and leaded glass studio catering to new construction of stained and leaded glass windows for churches in the tri-state region. Within the first five years of the company's birth, a retail trade consisting of pictures, mirrors, and an auto glass department blossomed, and a commercial department was started.

This sudden growth affected the Stained Glass Studio as well. Now, not only did the sale of new stained glass windows increase, but also the area served expanded from the tri-state region to the entire North American continent. The Stained Glass Studio could now offer the restoration of old stained glass windows in addition to creating new windows.

Today, City Glass has become a multi-faceted business complete with a gallery featuring original oil paintings and prints, as well as limited reproductions. City Glass also furnishes framed mirrors and decorator accessories for the home.

Our artists in the Stained Glass Studio have expanded into the area of etching, engraving, and sandblasting designs onto any type of glass. Even though the studio's national reputation is firmly built within the sacred setting, the studio now executes commissions for both professional and residential clients.

We at City Glass Specialty, Inc., hope that this exhibit will demonstrate that light not only illuminates the design in glass but also invests the design with a living radiance, transforming common light into a miracle of beauty, hence seen through our "Visions in Glass".

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